The Voyager Guitar was designed and built collaboratively. All of the components are hand made with the exception of the hardware and pickups. The body is made of ash, with a curly maple neck, rosewood fingerboard, and a 3 Ply PVC pick guard.

Project partner: Santiago Pere (      


The process of designing the guitar began with simple contour sketches, which were then transferred into Adobe Illustrator. From then we were able to play around with the shape, while defining the actual measurements of the body of the guitar.

Process pictures for behance.001.jpg

Once we defined the shape of the body, we began sketching different possibilities for the headstock of the guitar. When we transferred these drawings into illustrator we were able to place the headstock near the body and decide which one matched best.

Process pictures for behance.002.jpg

Quick mockup in Illustrator to put the headstock, and body in relation to one another and then define the boundaries of the pick guard.

We then decided on the materials we were going to use:

-Ash (body)

-Curly Maple (neck)

-Rosewood (fingerboard)

-3ply PVC (pickguard)

-Chrome hardware